February 2016

Watercolor Art Prints

Spent a little time this past week getting some close up shots of various prints as I was matting and getting them ready to mail. My art prints are printed on an archival, etching rag paper. It has a subtle texture that is similar to a smooth hot pressed watercolor paper, which is what I paint the originals on. I'm quite happy with the paper and print quality so I wanted to get some more photographs up in the shop that showed this.
tufted titmouse watercolor print
Tufted Titmouse print

Yellow-rumped Warbler watercolor print
Yellow-rumped Warbler Print

Blue crabs watercolor print
Blue Crabs watercolor print


Red Fox in snow watercolor painting

A new small watercolor of a Red Fox. I painted this after watching a pair of Red Foxes wandering around my yard in the snow. I always enjoy catching glimpses of them (usually at night) or finding their tracks in the snow. This day was fun because they were out in the daylight and poked around the yard for quite a while.

red fox in snow watercolor
Prints are up in the shop here: Fox in snow print
Prints are 5x7" and matted in a standard 8x10" mat. Printed on archival etching rag art paper, with a nice subtle texture and thick weight.

Below, a few of the photos I was able to snap. Managed to get a couple good enough to use as reference.

red fox

red fox