October 2016

Dark Brook Trout Watercolor Painting

Preview Image: 

dark brook trout watercolor
I've painted a few trout watercolors the past couple months, this one is a Brook Trout. I've seen some photos here and there of a dark variety, which I thought was especially beautiful, so that is the coloring I painted here.

Afterwards I wanted to know a little bit more about this dark coloring that Brook Trout sometimes have. I did a little internet research and found this post on the Small Stream Reflections blog. I emailed with the writer to get some more info - and also an opinion on my watercolor by someone who has seen them first hand.

In his experience the dark Brook Trout occur in streams that have darker water, which is caused by tanins from hemlocks and firs (similar to water being dyed with tea). The fish have adapted to this darker water, I assume because it helps camouflage them.

Dark Brook Trout
Photo: Small Stream Reflections

The writer, who goes by the alias Brk Trt on his blog, fishes small streams in Connecticut. He sent me these photos of a beautiful dark brook trout he caught earlier this week.

Brook Trout Fishing
Photo: Small Stream Reflections

Below, some fly fishing flies that the writer tied and was kind enough to send me.

fishing flys

Prints are available in the shop here: 13x6" Brook Trout Print

If you are looking for a standard size it is also in this fish compilation print:
11x14" Fish Art Print