Dog watercolor portraits

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A few selected dog portrait watercolors from the past couple months.

Collie in snow watercolor painting

Collie in snow, 11x14"
Watercolor and Gouache

bernese mountain dog watercolor painting

A 7x20" watercolor of a family of 5 Bernese Mountain dogs. Looks like a handful! Had fun painting all their different personalities and expressions.

dog watercolor portrait

A cute little white and brown dog. Not sure what kind, but he was enjoyable to paint, especially those chesnut brown eyes. 5x7" Watercolor.

shar pei watercolor painting

Shar Pei - 11x14" Watercolor. Not the easiest breed to paint, but I'm quite pleased how this one turned out. I think it worked well as a 11x14", one of the larger sizes that I paint.



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