Wild edible mushrooms watercolor painting

Preview Image: 

A new mushrooms watercolor. This was a commissioned painting of a variety of wild edible mushrooms found in North America. It includes a wood blewit, chicken of the woods, morels, chanterelles, a large king bolete, fairy ring champignon, and American matsutakes. The mushrooms are labeled with their common names in pencil. I'm pleased with how this painting turned out. Very earthy, and subtly colorful - the textures and details really take center stage.



Watercolor Paper

What kind of watercolor paper do you use? It looks like hot press possibly? Why do you choose that over cold press? I LOVE your work!!


Hi Susan. Yes, I use a 300lb hot pressed watercolor paper. I like that because it has a smoother surface than the cold press. It's nice to paint detail on and as an added bonus scans better.

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