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White Pit Bull Portrait

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5x7" watercolor

I finished this dog portrait yesterday of a white pit bull. Pit bulls are probably my favorite breed to paint. They are all eyes and ears. Handsome dogs, very expressive and full of soul!

Recent Dog and Cat portraits

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11x14" watercolor

I added a few watercolors to the dog gallery for a much needed update of some new portraits. Here's a selection of some recent paintings from the past couple months.

white retriever painting
8x10" watercolor
White Retriever

Golden Retriever in snow watercolor
8x10" watercolor
Golden retriever in snow

German Shepherd watercolor
8x10" watercolor
German Shepherd

Siamese Cat watercolor
5x7" watercolor
Flame-point Siamese Cat

Black cat watercolor painting

A new commissioned watercolor portrait of a black cat. This was a fun composition to paint. I'm especially pleased with how the paw texture came out. The eyes are always fun to paint as well, they usually play the biggest part in expressing the character in my pet portraits.

This cat was a stray, according to the owner, and she just showed up and made herself at home!

Black cat watercolor painting

If you'd like to browse more of my cat portraits, check out my Cat Watercolors gallery!

Or if you are interested in your own custom cat portrait you can read more here:
8x10 custom cat watercolor in the shop


Dog watercolor portraits

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A few selected dog portrait watercolors from the past couple months.

Collie in snow watercolor painting

Collie in snow, 11x14"
Watercolor and Gouache

bernese mountain dog watercolor painting

A 7x20" watercolor of a family of 5 Bernese Mountain dogs. Looks like a handful! Had fun painting all their different personalities and expressions.

dog watercolor portrait

A cute little white and brown dog. Not sure what kind, but he was enjoyable to paint, especially those chesnut brown eyes. 5x7" Watercolor.

shar pei watercolor painting

Shar Pei - 11x14" Watercolor. Not the easiest breed to paint, but I'm quite pleased how this one turned out. I think it worked well as a 11x14", one of the larger sizes that I paint.


Golden Retriever watercolor painting

This is a new dog portrait of a Golden Retriever I finished up last month. I just added a limited run of prints in the shop. You can find them here: Golden Retriever Print

golden retriever watercolor print

Cat watercolor painting

Happy Wednesday! This is Alfie. A new cat portrait I finished the other week. Had fun with the short hair texture in the face. Pretty happy with how this one turned out and I think it makes a nice addition to my gallery of cat portraits, which you can find here:

cat watercolor painting

Cat Portraits with reference photos

Occasionally people will ask to see some of my pet portraits along with the reference photos used. I thought I'd share a few here and start with some cat portraits.

I usually like to work from one main photo for the pose and basic markings and use additional photos to help with other details, color, to get a sense of personality, or anything else that is unclear in the main reference.

kittens watercolor painting

Above, a portrait of two kittens, Willoughby and Magnus. I thought this was a great reference and I kept the painting pretty similar other than the clarification of the right kitten's body and tail. An 8x10" watercolor.

cat watercolor portrait

Above is another of my favorite cat portraits, this is Everett. A 5x7" watercolor portrait and one of the reference photos use. Although it's easier to draw from one main reference, sometimes I have to create something new from multiple pictures.

Below, the reference for a portrait of an orange cat, and resulting watercolor painting - another 5x7" portrait.

reference photo for cat portrait

orange cat portrait painting

Thanks for looking!

You can see more of my watercolor cat portraits here:

Watercolor Yellow Lab Art Print

Just added this limited edition print to the shop. A signed and numbered print of a yellow labrador retriever watercolor I painted last year.

yellow lab watercolor print

The print is 8x10" and printed on thick etching rag art paper, which has the texture of a smooth watercolor paper. It is an edition of 50 prints.

Below, a shot of the matted print. The print comes with an archival white mat - ready to stick in an 11x14" frame or give as a gift!

You can find the print in my shop here: Yellow Lab watercolor print

yellow labrador retriever watercolor print

Golden Retriever watercolor

golden retriever watercolor painting

One of my favorites from the dog portraits of the 2014 Christmas season. A golden retriever standing in water.

I had a lot of fun layering all the colors in the stream. Was a little unsure how the shallow water would end up looking, but I added a lot of teals and blues and I like how those look ended up working with the warmer tones. Ended up fairly different from the photo references.

Brown Labs watercolor portrait

brown labs watercolor portrait
New watercolor of 2 brown labs in the snow. An 8x10" portrait done for Christmas. I had a lot of fun working with this image. The texture of snow covering the dog's back was an interesting challenge. My favorite part might be the paw print in the snow.