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Arrowhead and shark teeth

little arrowhead

I went beach combing for fossils last week. Some decent shark teeth, but the highlight of the day was this small arrowhead.

shark teeth

The day's finds. Some larger, slightly beat up snaggletooth shark teeth (top row), and some mako teeth around an inch.

Potomac River fossil hunting trip

Spent some time fossil hunting along the Potomac River. Found an bunch of teeth, including some of the larger otodus teeth and some decent sand tiger teeth. A croc tooth and a chunk of a ray tooth plate also among the treasures.

shark teeth fossils

cedar driftwood

crocodile tooth fossil
Fossil Crocodile Tooth

Fossil hunting trip - March 2014

Last week I headed down to the Chesapeake and did a little fossil hunting and beach combing.

fossil hunting gear
Early season, chilly weather fossil hunting gear. Waders and my scooper.

Found some decent fossils and shark teeth. And saw some cool wildlife, including 4 hawks on the drive, a bald eagle, hooded mergansers, and what I think was an otter swimming out in the bay.

mako tooth
Fossil Mako Shark tooth, about 1.5"

fossils mar 2014
Left: fossil verteabrae, probably from a dolphin. Right: Fossil coral, barnacle, and i think an inner ear bone from a dolphin.

shark teeth chesapeake
Shark teeth from the trip. First row: Snaggletooth Shark. Second row: (large teeth) some nice Mako teeth. Third row: Tiger Shark. Assorted smaller teeth below.

Scientific Illustration - fossil shark teeth

shark teeth watercolor
A new watercolor illustration depicting fossilized shark teeth from a variety of different species, including the Megalodon, Snaggletooth, Mako, White, Hammerhead, Sevengill Cow, Sand Tiger, Tiger, Lemon Shark and more. The teeth are painted life size.
Many of these I found beachcombing along the Chesapeake and Calvert Cliffs area. These shark teeth are all from the Miocene era in Maryland and Virginia.
I think i'll probably make a little identification chart to go along with this one.

This illustration was inspired by old scientific illustrations and charts and of course my love of beach combing and fossil hunting.

shark teeth collecting