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Bird Watercolors Art Show, Kensington MD

Some of my new bird watercolors are up for the month of May at the Chesapeake Framing Company in Kensington MD. If you're in the area stop by! I have about 15 new watercolors for sale. They are all local birds of the Maryland / mid East Coast area.

kingfisher watercolor

8x10" Belted Kingfisher Watercolor

maryland bird watercolor show

david scheirer bird watercolors

A couple watercolors, pre-framed. A Downy woodpecker and a Killdeer.


New birds watercolors

A couple new bird watercolors I've been working on for my upcoming show. The show will be here in Maryland and will feature local birds found in the area.
cardinal watercolor
Male Cardinal in snow
8x6" watercolor

bird watercolors

A female Ruby-throated Hummingbird and a White-throated Sparrow sitting on my desk, both about complete.Barn swallow watercolor
Barn Swallow
8x6" watercolor

Swallow watercolor - work in progress

swallow painting work in progress

On my work table today, A new watercolor of a Barn Swallow. Painting some new birds for a show in the Spring.