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Illustrated Seashells of New England Guide Book

Preview Image: 

Last year I spent several months painting seashells and I'm excited to finally introduce the project that it was for! Seashells of New England, a Beachcomber's Guide is an illustrated book (I think the title is pretty self explanatory). Written by Sandy Allison - it contains full color watercolor illustrations painted by me!

The shell illustrations are full color and life size. The book contains 69 different shells that are found along the coast of southern Connecticut to northern Maine. They appear with expert descriptions that will help identify the shells, plus info on where and how to find them. An attractive and useful little book for beachcombers, nature lovers, and anyone else who loves the seashore. 

This was a bit of a passion project for me, as I love beachcombing myself. I had a lot of fun collecting shells for reference and painting all the different types.
The book is now out and is available in my shop!

watercolor illustration shell guide

Atlantic Dogwinkles, they come in a variety of colors - it was hard to choose so I painted two variations I thought were especially nice: a striped shell and an orange shell.

A couple pages of small snail shells, the Bruised Nassa and Three-lined Basketsnail.

seashells illustrated guide

ten-ridged-whelk seashell watercolor

Above, one of my favorites I painted for the book, A Ten-ridged Whelk (Neptunea decemcostata). This handsome and distinctive shell is the state seashell of Massachusetts.

Below, a page of watercolored small snail shells.

snail shells watercolor

The book is paperback, 122 pages, and measures 5x7".
Available in my shop here:

Red Fox Christmas Cards

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I have some new note card designs for the holidays this year. The first is this watercolor of a Red Fox in snow.

I painted this last Winter after watching this fox run around our yard as a blizzard was coming down. We would spot this one and it's mate every once in a while and wake up to tracks crisscrossing our yard in the mornings.

Printed on sturdy, high quality cardstock with a matte finish. A blank inside lets this work as a Christmas card or a note card for other occasions.

Single cards and boxed sets now available in the shop!

Red Fox card

Boxed set of 10 fox cards


Watercolor Art Prints

Spent a little time this past week getting some close up shots of various prints as I was matting and getting them ready to mail. My art prints are printed on an archival, etching rag paper. It has a subtle texture that is similar to a smooth hot pressed watercolor paper, which is what I paint the originals on. I'm quite happy with the paper and print quality so I wanted to get some more photographs up in the shop that showed this.
tufted titmouse watercolor print
Tufted Titmouse print

Yellow-rumped Warbler watercolor print
Yellow-rumped Warbler Print

Blue crabs watercolor print
Blue Crabs watercolor print


Red Fox in snow watercolor painting

A new small watercolor of a Red Fox. I painted this after watching a pair of Red Foxes wandering around my yard in the snow. I always enjoy catching glimpses of them (usually at night) or finding their tracks in the snow. This day was fun because they were out in the daylight and poked around the yard for quite a while.

red fox in snow watercolor
Prints are up in the shop here: Fox in snow print
Prints are 5x7" and matted in a standard 8x10" mat. Printed on archival etching rag art paper, with a nice subtle texture and thick weight.

Below, a few of the photos I was able to snap. Managed to get a couple good enough to use as reference.

red fox

red fox

Golden-crowned Kinglet Watercolor Painting

Golden-crowned Kinglet watercolor painting
A little watercolor study of a Golden-crowned Kinglet I painted yesterday. Painted life size, about 3 1/2 inches long. I've seen these little birds once, they were darting among cedars at the edge of the Potomac River. Handsome little guys, with a black cap and yellow stripe down the center.
I've made some prints, which you can buy here.

Blue Lobster watercolor painting

blue lobster watercolor painting

My newest watercolor, a blue lobster. 11x17 inches.
I had fun with all the subtle hues of blue in the painting. I've always found blue to be a fun, easy color to work with. Funny, but colors like green and red are much harder to work with, at least for me. 
This is a rare blue color morph variety of the American Lobster. About 1 in 2 million lobsters are blue according to the University of Maine Lobster Institute. You can read more about it here if interested.

blue lobster watercolor print

Above is a close up of one of my prints, which are now up in the shop.

The prints are archival and measure 11x17 inches.. You can find them here:

Golden Retriever watercolor painting

This is a new dog portrait of a Golden Retriever I finished up last month. I just added a limited run of prints in the shop. You can find them here: Golden Retriever Print

golden retriever watercolor print

Winter Birds Holiday Card Set

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It will be a busy end of the year for me! Trying to get organized and prepare early for the upcoming holiday season. Here is a new card set now up in the shop featuring some winter birds in snow. Most of them new watercolors I painted this year.
You can find it in the shop here: Winter birds card set

winter birds christmas cards

From top to bottom: Chickadee, male Cardinal, another male Cardinal in snow, White-throated sparrow, and a female cardinal in snow.

Minerals Watercolor Painting

This is my newest watercolor. An illustrated alphabet of minerals. It features 26 crystals, gems and other minerals, and is labeled in handwritten print.
minerals watercolor painting
I put a lot of hours into this one and had a lot of fun painting the range of colors and textures of all the different minerals. It was also interesting to learn about all of them and about minerals in general.

Here are a few detail images.

minerals watercolor illustration
Above, a few of my favorites. The purple variety of Quartz, aka Amethyst. Radioactive Uraninite. Cubed Pyrite crystals, and a Limonite cube - formed when it replaces Pyrite and keeps the same shape (known as pseudomorphing).

Below, maybe my favorite of the series, Olivine - the gem variety known as Peridot. Also a childhood favorite Serpentine. Maybe I'm a little partial to green?

minerals illustration

11x14 inch prints, pictured below, are available in the store. You can find them here:

minerals art print

Bird watercolor art prints

Some recent additions to the shop! These are some new bird watercolors I painted earlier in the year for the show I had in May. They are all printed on nice heavyweight art paper, signed and dated, and come with a standard size archival mat. Ready to put in a frame.
Red-bellied Woopecker art print

Red-bellied Woodpecker watercolor print / 8x10" print / with 11x14" mat

Kingfisher art print

Belted Kingfisher watercolor print / 8x10" print / 11x14" mat

Downy woodpecker art print

Downy Woodpecker watercolor print / 5x7" print / 8x10" mat