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Birdwatching during the 2016 blizzard

This past weekend we had a few feet of snow fall. We enjoyed being snowed in for a few days and watching the wildlife and the birds that flocked to the feeders.

red fox snow

Just as the snow started to fall pretty heavily we saw a pair of Red Foxes wandered around the yard. We usually hear them at night, but they came out early to check things out. We didn't see them again until the night the storm ended. One came into the backyard and barked for a while, and in the morning the snow was crisscrossed with fox tracks.

blue jay snow

A Blue Jay with a snow crusted face. It was a good couple days of backyard bird watching, with a constant stream of various birds coming to get seed from our feeders.

red-bellied woodpecker snow

A Red-bellied Woodpecker in our backyard tree. He was hanging here on the leeward side for quite a while to get out of the wind and snow.

Female cardinal snow

Female Cardinal in the snow. The snow was blowing sideways for most of the day, which you can get a sense of this photo.

Downy woodpecker snow

A Downy Woodpecker making his way up and down the tree. We also had a lot of Juncos, White-throated Sparrows, Chickadees, Tufted Titmouses, Goldfinches, a Brown Creeper, and a few large American Crows.

Golden-crowned Kinglet Watercolor Painting

Golden-crowned Kinglet watercolor painting
A little watercolor study of a Golden-crowned Kinglet I painted yesterday. Painted life size, about 3 1/2 inches long. I've seen these little birds once, they were darting among cedars at the edge of the Potomac River. Handsome little guys, with a black cap and yellow stripe down the center.
I've made some prints, which you can buy here.

Winter Birds Holiday Card Set

Preview Image: 

It will be a busy end of the year for me! Trying to get organized and prepare early for the upcoming holiday season. Here is a new card set now up in the shop featuring some winter birds in snow. Most of them new watercolors I painted this year.
You can find it in the shop here: Winter birds card set

winter birds christmas cards

From top to bottom: Chickadee, male Cardinal, another male Cardinal in snow, White-throated sparrow, and a female cardinal in snow.

Summer bird watercolors

A few summery bird watercolors added to my bird gallery this morning.

Snowy Egret watercolor painting
A Snowy Egret watercolor, 15 x 10 inches.
These are always fun to spot during summers at the beach. This was based off one I saw at the Wetlands Institute in Stone Harbor, New Jersey. I went for the green of the salt marsh as a background.

Killdeer watercolor
Killdeer, 8 x 10" watercolor
I always enjoy painting killdeer and plovers for the pop of orange in their eyes.

Hummingbird watercolor
Female Ruby-throated Hummingbird
Something a bit different for me, and not how you typically think of hummingbirds, but this was based on a hummingbird I watched at dusk who came to sit on a branch after feeding at a patch of native impatiens.

American Redstart watercolor

I just updated my bird watercolor gallery with some new ones from this year, including this female American Redstart. A small warbler with orange markings.

American redstart painting

Bird watercolor art prints

Some recent additions to the shop! These are some new bird watercolors I painted earlier in the year for the show I had in May. They are all printed on nice heavyweight art paper, signed and dated, and come with a standard size archival mat. Ready to put in a frame.
Red-bellied Woopecker art print

Red-bellied Woodpecker watercolor print / 8x10" print / with 11x14" mat

Kingfisher art print

Belted Kingfisher watercolor print / 8x10" print / 11x14" mat

Downy woodpecker art print

Downy Woodpecker watercolor print / 5x7" print / 8x10" mat


Bird Watercolors Art Show, Kensington MD

Some of my new bird watercolors are up for the month of May at the Chesapeake Framing Company in Kensington MD. If you're in the area stop by! I have about 15 new watercolors for sale. They are all local birds of the Maryland / mid East Coast area.

kingfisher watercolor

8x10" Belted Kingfisher Watercolor

maryland bird watercolor show

david scheirer bird watercolors

A couple watercolors, pre-framed. A Downy woodpecker and a Killdeer.


New birds watercolors

A couple new bird watercolors I've been working on for my upcoming show. The show will be here in Maryland and will feature local birds found in the area.
cardinal watercolor
Male Cardinal in snow
8x6" watercolor

bird watercolors

A female Ruby-throated Hummingbird and a White-throated Sparrow sitting on my desk, both about complete.Barn swallow watercolor
Barn Swallow
8x6" watercolor

Cardinals in the snow

female cardinal

A couple shots from yesterday's snow storm. Cardinals always look so nice in the snow. Thinking about painting a pair of cardinal watercolors now.

cardinal in snow

Swallow watercolor - work in progress

swallow painting work in progress

On my work table today, A new watercolor of a Barn Swallow. Painting some new birds for a show in the Spring.