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Wild edible mushrooms watercolor painting

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A new mushrooms watercolor. This was a commissioned painting of a variety of wild edible mushrooms found in North America. It includes a wood blewit, chicken of the woods, morels, chanterelles, a large king bolete, fairy ring champignon, and American matsutakes. The mushrooms are labeled with their common names in pencil. I'm pleased with how this painting turned out. Very earthy, and subtly colorful - the textures and details really take center stage.


Barracuda and Grouper Fish watercolors

A couple new fish watercolors painted this last week.

barracuda watercolor painting
Barracuda - watercolor, 12 x 4"
Had a lot of fun painting this Barracuda. A bit "mean" looking with it's distinctive underbite, but it has a beautiful subtle pattern and spots - always so satisfying to paint. The greenish tones were a single additional layer painted at the end, which I think added a nice element of depth.
grouper fish watercolor
Grouper - watercolor 13 x 7"
The mottled brown patterning of this grouper gave me a little more trouble. Did a bit of scrubbing and lots of layers, but pretty happy with how the texture came out in the end.

Black cat watercolor painting

A new commissioned watercolor portrait of a black cat. This was a fun composition to paint. I'm especially pleased with how the paw texture came out. The eyes are always fun to paint as well, they usually play the biggest part in expressing the character in my pet portraits.

This cat was a stray, according to the owner, and she just showed up and made herself at home!

Black cat watercolor painting

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Or if you are interested in your own custom cat portrait you can read more here:
8x10 custom cat watercolor in the shop


Egrets illustration for Distinction Magazine

watercolor illustration

This is a watercolor illustration I painting for the Winter 2014 issue of Distinction, a lifestyle magazine about the Hampton Roads region of Virginia. The watercolor, illustrating a poem and story by Remica Bingham-Risher, depicts a stand of pines trees full of white egrets. Her poem is about finding a nesting colony of egrets.

Spring Prelude
I spot one egret, you see the colony:
they are building nests in the great pine trees.
What marvels they are – their plumage, their gliding!
What a marvel you are at finding what excites me.
– Remica L. Bingham-Risher

Above, the Winter 2014 issue of Distinction Magazine (Photo by Distinction Magazine)

Below, the original watercolor illustration and a bottlecap for scale.

You can read the story here:


Golden Retriever watercolor

golden retriever watercolor painting

One of my favorites from the dog portraits of the 2014 Christmas season. A golden retriever standing in water.

I had a lot of fun layering all the colors in the stream. Was a little unsure how the shallow water would end up looking, but I added a lot of teals and blues and I like how those look ended up working with the warmer tones. Ended up fairly different from the photo references.

Brown Labs watercolor portrait

brown labs watercolor portrait
New watercolor of 2 brown labs in the snow. An 8x10" portrait done for Christmas. I had a lot of fun working with this image. The texture of snow covering the dog's back was an interesting challenge. My favorite part might be the paw print in the snow.

Shiba Inu watercolor painting

The marathon of dog watercolors I'm doing for the holidays has started! Here is one of the new ones. A portrait of a black and tan Shiba Inu in the snow!

Above, Christmas cards featuring the painting I printed for the client.

Husky Watercolor Painting

husky watercolor painting

A Husky watercolor portrait I painted the other month.
This was an 11x14" painting. It was a fun one to do a bit larger. I used a larger brush than I usually work with and was able to get some nice textures with it.

11x14" Dog Watercolor Portrait

Environmental illustrations for Colorado River publication

Environmental illustrations

This was a fun project I worked on for an Environmental Defense Fund publication about the Colorado River. I did seven small watercolors illustrating the wildlife, habitats, and life along the river.
It appears in their Summer 2014 Solutions magazine.

Wildlife environment illustrations

Osprey Watercolor

Osprey watercolor illustration. Painted in a loose but accurate style that would translate well to a small scale.
Desert Ecosystem illustration
Desert habitat watercolor illustration

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Cat Watercolor

Happy Friday! A new watercolor portrait of a cat. His name is Everett. A handsome face!

Cat watercolor