March 2013

Striped Feathers Watercolor

striped feathers watercolor painting

This is a watercolor I painted yesterday afternoon of some striped feathers. Based on photographs I've taken of feathers I've come across on walks and hikes. A small 5x7 watercolor - the feathers are roughly life size.
I'm pretty sure the feathers on either end are from woodpeckers and the larger brown one is an owl feather, probably from a Barred Owl. The center one was on a beach and I'd guess it was from a Gull or Tern. I have no idea what bird the small white feather is from but it was very pretty, I had never seen one like that before.

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Fruit watercolor illustrations for Cheribundi

New illustration work. These are some fruit watercolor illustrations I painted for Cheribundi's juice packaging. Packaging designed by TDA_Boulder.

Photo by Heather at

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