July 2014

Husky Watercolor Painting

husky watercolor painting

A Husky watercolor portrait I painted the other month.
This was an 11x14" painting. It was a fun one to do a bit larger. I used a larger brush than I usually work with and was able to get some nice textures with it.

11x14" Dog Watercolor Portrait

Environmental illustrations for Colorado River publication

Environmental illustrations

This was a fun project I worked on for an Environmental Defense Fund publication about the Colorado River. I did seven small watercolors illustrating the wildlife, habitats, and life along the river.
It appears in their Summer 2014 Solutions magazine.

Wildlife environment illustrations

Osprey Watercolor

Osprey watercolor illustration. Painted in a loose but accurate style that would translate well to a small scale.
Desert Ecosystem illustration
Desert habitat watercolor illustration

Check out my editorial illustration portfolio for more.

Beer Bottle Cap Alphabet Print

Beer Bottlecap Alphabet
Excited to have this new print in the shop! It's something a bit different, 26 beer bottlecaps for each letter of the alphabet. I've collected bottlecaps since I was a kid, and most of these are from my collection. I had fun picking out the caps, a lot feature animals or colorful, interesting designs. A nice mix of vintage and new caps, and a range of American, Canadian and international beers.

bottlecap illustration

"Bottle caps A to Z"
13x19" Watercolor Painting

beer poster