August 2014

Cutthroat Trout Watercolor Painting

cutthroat trout watercolor
Cutthroat Trout Watercolor
13x6 inches

A popular fish among fly fisherman. No wonder - a beautiful speckled pattern and red coloring from which it is named after. This was a watercolor I painted for fun right after completing a month long job of painting seafood and fish illustrations. It had been in the back of my mind for a while and I guess I figured I'd do it while I was still in practice.

Prints are available here:
Cutthroat Trout Print

Blue Crabs Watercolor Painting

blue crab watercolor painting

On my last beachcombing trip to the Chesapeake Bay, and was able to snap a few photo references for this Blue Crab watercolor painting. Pleased with how this one turned out, I'm especially happy with the color. I like the color variation between the crabs, and the bright pops of blue and red among the otherwise subtle colors really bring this piece to life.

Watercolor painting

Prints are available in the shop: Blue Crabs Watercolor Print

blue crabs watercolor illustration

Arrowhead and shark teeth

little arrowhead

I went beach combing for fossils last week. Some decent shark teeth, but the highlight of the day was this small arrowhead.

shark teeth

The day's finds. Some larger, slightly beat up snaggletooth shark teeth (top row), and some mako teeth around an inch.