February 2015

Cardinals in the snow

female cardinal

A couple shots from yesterday's snow storm. Cardinals always look so nice in the snow. Thinking about painting a pair of cardinal watercolors now.

cardinal in snow

Egrets illustration for Distinction Magazine

watercolor illustration

This is a watercolor illustration I painting for the Winter 2014 issue of Distinction, a lifestyle magazine about the Hampton Roads region of Virginia. The watercolor, illustrating a poem and story by Remica Bingham-Risher, depicts a stand of pines trees full of white egrets. Her poem is about finding a nesting colony of egrets.

Spring Prelude
I spot one egret, you see the colony:
they are building nests in the great pine trees.
What marvels they are – their plumage, their gliding!
What a marvel you are at finding what excites me.
– Remica L. Bingham-Risher

Above, the Winter 2014 issue of Distinction Magazine (Photo by Distinction Magazine)

Below, the original watercolor illustration and a bottlecap for scale.

You can read the story here: http://distinctionhr.com/2014/11/what-marvels/


Swallow watercolor - work in progress

swallow painting work in progress

On my work table today, A new watercolor of a Barn Swallow. Painting some new birds for a show in the Spring.

Golden Retriever watercolor

golden retriever watercolor painting

One of my favorites from the dog portraits of the 2014 Christmas season. A golden retriever standing in water.

I had a lot of fun layering all the colors in the stream. Was a little unsure how the shallow water would end up looking, but I added a lot of teals and blues and I like how those look ended up working with the warmer tones. Ended up fairly different from the photo references.