June 2015

Bird watercolor art prints

Some recent additions to the shop! These are some new bird watercolors I painted earlier in the year for the show I had in May. They are all printed on nice heavyweight art paper, signed and dated, and come with a standard size archival mat. Ready to put in a frame.
Red-bellied Woopecker art print

Red-bellied Woodpecker watercolor print / 8x10" print / with 11x14" mat

Kingfisher art print

Belted Kingfisher watercolor print / 8x10" print / 11x14" mat

Downy woodpecker art print

Downy Woodpecker watercolor print / 5x7" print / 8x10" mat


Cat Portraits with reference photos

Occasionally people will ask to see some of my pet portraits along with the reference photos used. I thought I'd share a few here and start with some cat portraits.

I usually like to work from one main photo for the pose and basic markings and use additional photos to help with other details, color, to get a sense of personality, or anything else that is unclear in the main reference.

kittens watercolor painting

Above, a portrait of two kittens, Willoughby and Magnus. I thought this was a great reference and I kept the painting pretty similar other than the clarification of the right kitten's body and tail. An 8x10" watercolor.

cat watercolor portrait

Above is another of my favorite cat portraits, this is Everett. A 5x7" watercolor portrait and one of the reference photos use. Although it's easier to draw from one main reference, sometimes I have to create something new from multiple pictures.

Below, the reference for a portrait of an orange cat, and resulting watercolor painting - another 5x7" portrait.

reference photo for cat portrait

orange cat portrait painting

Thanks for looking!

You can see more of my watercolor cat portraits here: