August 2015

Minerals Watercolor Painting

This is my newest watercolor. An illustrated alphabet of minerals. It features 26 crystals, gems and other minerals, and is labeled in handwritten print.
minerals watercolor painting
I put a lot of hours into this one and had a lot of fun painting the range of colors and textures of all the different minerals. It was also interesting to learn about all of them and about minerals in general.

Here are a few detail images.

minerals watercolor illustration
Above, a few of my favorites. The purple variety of Quartz, aka Amethyst. Radioactive Uraninite. Cubed Pyrite crystals, and a Limonite cube - formed when it replaces Pyrite and keeps the same shape (known as pseudomorphing).

Below, maybe my favorite of the series, Olivine - the gem variety known as Peridot. Also a childhood favorite Serpentine. Maybe I'm a little partial to green?

minerals illustration

11x14 inch prints, pictured below, are available in the store. You can find them here:

minerals art print

Summer bird watercolors

A few summery bird watercolors added to my bird gallery this morning.

Snowy Egret watercolor painting
A Snowy Egret watercolor, 15 x 10 inches.
These are always fun to spot during summers at the beach. This was based off one I saw at the Wetlands Institute in Stone Harbor, New Jersey. I went for the green of the salt marsh as a background.

Killdeer watercolor
Killdeer, 8 x 10" watercolor
I always enjoy painting killdeer and plovers for the pop of orange in their eyes.

Hummingbird watercolor
Female Ruby-throated Hummingbird
Something a bit different for me, and not how you typically think of hummingbirds, but this was based on a hummingbird I watched at dusk who came to sit on a branch after feeding at a patch of native impatiens.