Fossil hunting trip - March 2014

Last week I headed down to the Chesapeake and did a little fossil hunting and beach combing.

fossil hunting gear
Early season, chilly weather fossil hunting gear. Waders and my scooper.

Found some decent fossils and shark teeth. And saw some cool wildlife, including 4 hawks on the drive, a bald eagle, hooded mergansers, and what I think was an otter swimming out in the bay.

mako tooth
Fossil Mako Shark tooth, about 1.5"

fossils mar 2014
Left: fossil verteabrae, probably from a dolphin. Right: Fossil coral, barnacle, and i think an inner ear bone from a dolphin.

shark teeth chesapeake
Shark teeth from the trip. First row: Snaggletooth Shark. Second row: (large teeth) some nice Mako teeth. Third row: Tiger Shark. Assorted smaller teeth below.


I must know!

First of all - I love watercolor, and there are certain styles that really speak to me. I really love your work, it's all so wonderful. I'm going to have a finance issue this year in your Etsy shop :)

But, I must ask you WHERE you do your fossil hunting? I lived in Venice, FL a very long time ago when I was a kid and it was my favorite part of being at the beach. That was about 30 years ago and I have not been able to do anything like that since, though it hasn't stopped me from walking the beach with my wife and basically staring down the whole time.

I'd love to be able to do that again so any info would be treasured.

Thanks for all your lovely work!

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