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Piping Plover watercolor and new birds

Piping plover painting

Piping Plover
5x7" Watercolor Painting

I painted this tiny shorebird a couple months ago. A Piping Plover with shadows and reflections .

I've also updated the bird gallery with other recent watercolors which you can check that out here:

Yellow-rumped Warbler watercolor painting

yellow-rumped warbler watercolor

My newest watercolor. A Yellow-rumped Warbler (male), one of my favorite birds. I love warblers because they are so fun to watch and identify. It's still a challenge to identify the unique patterns and colors of each warbler. This one can be identified by, among other markings, the yellow patches on it's rump, side, and crown.

5x7" Print in the shop

Snowy Owl feather watercolor painting

Snowy Owl feather watercolor
Snowy Owl Feather
watercolor on paper - 10x7"

A new commissioned feather painting. A white Snowy Owl feather on a dark textured wood background.

snowy owl feather painting

Striped Feathers Watercolor

striped feathers watercolor painting

This is a watercolor I painted yesterday afternoon of some striped feathers. Based on photographs I've taken of feathers I've come across on walks and hikes. A small 5x7 watercolor - the feathers are roughly life size.
I'm pretty sure the feathers on either end are from woodpeckers and the larger brown one is an owl feather, probably from a Barred Owl. The center one was on a beach and I'd guess it was from a Gull or Tern. I have no idea what bird the small white feather is from but it was very pretty, I had never seen one like that before.

Prints are available in the shop here: