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Scientific Illustration - fossil shark teeth

shark teeth watercolor
A new watercolor illustration depicting fossilized shark teeth from a variety of different species, including the Megalodon, Snaggletooth, Mako, White, Hammerhead, Sevengill Cow, Sand Tiger, Tiger, Lemon Shark and more. The teeth are painted life size.
Many of these I found beachcombing along the Chesapeake and Calvert Cliffs area. These shark teeth are all from the Miocene era in Maryland and Virginia.
I think i'll probably make a little identification chart to go along with this one.

This illustration was inspired by old scientific illustrations and charts and of course my love of beach combing and fossil hunting.

shark teeth collecting

Striped Feathers Watercolor

striped feathers watercolor painting

This is a watercolor I painted yesterday afternoon of some striped feathers. Based on photographs I've taken of feathers I've come across on walks and hikes. A small 5x7 watercolor - the feathers are roughly life size.
I'm pretty sure the feathers on either end are from woodpeckers and the larger brown one is an owl feather, probably from a Barred Owl. The center one was on a beach and I'd guess it was from a Gull or Tern. I have no idea what bird the small white feather is from but it was very pretty, I had never seen one like that before.

Prints are available in the shop here:

Red and blue lobster buoy painting

lobster buoy painting
A quick, fun gouache and watercolor painting of a lobster buoy. I bit looser than i normally work.
This one was inspired by a large buoy i bought in Maine (pictured below). It is an old one, hand hewn wood.

lobster buoy

These large buoys were hung off the boat and color coordinated with the boat's smaller fishing buoys. That way the harbor master could look out with binoculars and make sure everyone fished from their own pots.

An 11x14 print added in the shop:

Orange cat watercolor portrait

Just finished the last of the pet commissions for Christmas orders. I have a lot of new ones to upload. Mostly dogs, here is the one cat I painted this month. I never got the name, i nicknamed him orange guy.

orange cat watercolor


Arrowheads watercolor painting

A still life I just painted of 3 small arrowheads (painted life size). I found these three over several years of beach combing on the Chesapeake. I think it makes for a unique little geometric painting. I enjoy creating abstract themed work using representational painting.

Prints are available in the shop:

New dog watercolor portraits - pitbulls

Some new work added to the portfolio. Including these two cute pitbulls. They were a fun project. Painted a bit looser than my normal style, I think this fits their personalities and poses nicely. Both are 8x10 watercolors.